Rules of Play

  1. Game time is forfeit time.
  2. You need 9 players to start and finish.
  3. You can bat up to as many as 12 players (using 2 EP’s).
  4. Teams are not required to have alike-colored uniforms. However, an Arabic whole number (0 – 99) of contrasting color at least 6 inches high must be worn and visible on the back of all uniform shirts. No players on the same team may wear identical numbers (“0” and “00” or “3” and “03” are examples of identical numbers.) Players without numbers will not be permitted to play. All exposed jewelry and accessories, such as body piercing, pagers, tobacco tins, cell phones, sunglasses worn atop the head or ball cap, bandanas around the neck, etc., must be removed (umpires included).
  5. Strike Count: All games will begin with a 1-1 count, with NO foul to give, including Championship games.
  6. Game Time Limits:
    Round Robin: No new inning will begin after 50 minutes. (Pools with 3 teams can end in a tie).
    Bracket Play: No new inning will begin after 55 minutes. ASA Tiebreaker.
    Championship Games: 7 innings, unless decided by mercy rule.
  7. Each team is allowed 2 courtesy runners per game. Players needing a runner should be identified to the umpire by means of an asterisk by player name on the batting order. If a tram only indicates one player, then they still have a second that may be used, if necessary, for injury.
  8. The following ASA run rules will be in effect for all games, including round-robin, championship, and “if” games:
    Run Rule:
    20 runs ahead after 3 innings or
    15 runs after 4 innings or
    10 runs ahead after 5 innings
    The Home Run limits are as follows:
    B Division: 2 home runs per team per game; any in excess will be an “out”
    C Division: 1 home runs per team per game; any in excess will be an “out”
    D Division: 0 home runs; a home run over the fence will be an inning ending “out”
  9. ASA International tie-breaker rule for extra-inning games or after time has expired (Pools of 4 teams), including championship or “if” games.
  10. The ASA not-approved bat list will be in effect.
  11. Seeding for double elimination play will be based on the following in the order presented for Pools with 3 teams:
    a. Won/loss/tie record in the following order: 2-0-0; 1-0-1; 1-1-0; 0-0-2; 0-1-1; 0-2-0
    b. Run differential
    c. Runs allowed (lowest number prevails)
    d. Highest runs scored in any one game
    e. Coin toss
  12. Protests will not be allowed at this tournament.
  13. Please clean up after yourselves (this includes your dugouts at the end of each game); play hard, be good sports, and, most importantly, have fun!
  14. Sportsmanship: Any player ejected from a game due to unsportsmanlike conduct will not be eligible for his/her next game. Any excessive unsportsmanlike conduct could result in a player being eliminated from the tournament at the discretion of the tournament field representative(s).